Quzhou-Ningde Railway Opens to Traffic

?Published:2020-10-19 ?【字体:??

  On September 27, Quzhou-Ningde Railway was put into operation, bringing an end to the history of no railway connection in eight counties and cities (Suichang, Songyang, Longquan and Qingyuan in Zhejiang, and Songxi, Zhenghe, Pingnan and Zhouning in Fujian).

  Passing through the southwest Zhejiang province and the northeast Fujian province, Quzhou-Ningde Railway starts from Quzhou city, Zhejiang province in the north, runs southwards via Lishui city in Zhejiang province and Nanping city in Fujian province, and ends in Ningde city, Fujian province. As a (national railway) Class-I single-track electrified railway, it has a total length of 379 km and a design speed of 160 km/h. The railway has 13 passenger stations in Quzhou, Longyou South, Suichang, Songyang, Longquan, Qingyuan, Songxi, Zhenghe, Jian'ou East, Pingnan, Zhouning, Zhitishan and Ningde.

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