Yangtze River Delta Railway Launched High Speed Train Service dedicated for Self-guided Tour

?Published:2020-09-04 ?【字体:??

  The theme tour event of “Enjoy the new pleasant trip to Yangtze River Delta” jointly held by Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui was officially launched on August 6. The culture and tourism departments of three provinces and one city have launched 66 “High Speed Rail + Tourism” routes which connect the scattered places of interests through the dense HSR network in the Yangtze River Delta, thus series of tourist routes with rich content and convenience are presented. China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. took advantage of the opportunity to launch the high speed train service for self-guided tour on 13 lines.

  According to different requirements of the passengers, the 13 lines of HSR for self-guided tour include five categories of featured theme tours which cater to the following scenarios respectively: weekend getaway to meet the needs of mainstream customers, specified tour in response to the national targeted poverty alleviation, daily tour corresponding middle-aged and elderly people's travel habits and consumption concepts, customized family tour for families and students according to the seasonal characteristics of summer and winter vacation, theme tour centering on the newly opened HSR lines committed to promoting the development of tourism resources.

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