Introduction to CR-SF International Express Co., Ltd.

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  Founded on June 28, 2018, CR-SF International Express Co., Ltd. (“CRSF” for short) is a logistics provider dedicated to offering railway express transport services to its clients at home and abroad. It’s jointly established by China Railway Express Co., Ltd. (“CRE” for short), a direct holding company of China Railway, and Shenzhen S.F. Taisen Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. (“SF Taisen” for short) affiliated to S.F. Holding Co., Ltd. This joint-stock company was registered with a total capital of 50 million yuan and CRE and SF Taisen hold a share of 55% and 45% respectively. With railway capacity and resources as the core, CRSF mainly focuses on the R&D and sale of featured logistics service products, HSR express, luggage trains, fast freight trains, and the design and construction of cross-border e-commerce rail freight platforms, etc. CRSF is committed to becoming a business partner in providing integrated solutions for global supply chains to its clients.

  CRSF’s current rail capacity is supported by HSR regular trains, HSR inspection trains, ordinary luggage trains, e-commerce freight trains, international passenger trains and luggage trains.

  Based on the HSR transport capacity and HSR stations’ delivery service demands, two joint products have been developed. These two joint products are “Topspeed Express” and “As-you-wish Package Express”. The “Topspeed Express” services are mainly fast-speed delivery options, including same-day, next morning and next-day delivery, covering the HSR lines in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai economic circles. Also, with logistics node cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Chengdu, etc. as centers, “Topspeed Delivery” services have been expanded to the surrounding areas. During the “Double 11” shopping carnival in 2018, “As-you-wish Package Express” services handled 322,000 delivery orders and the single-day revenue peaked than one million yuan. By taking advantage of the in-station convenience service points, HSR “As-you-wish Package Express” services meet the needs of passengers at HSR stations for delivering gifts, featured products, luggage and other items that cannot be taken with them according to security rules. Up to now, HSR “As-you-wish Package Express” services have been successfully launched at 69 HSR stops and 10 stations.

  The HSR transport mode for featured economy has been initiated in order to better support regional featured economic development and give full play to the three major advantages of HSR capacity (security, stability and constant temperature). According to the market demand and HSR capacity, CRSF has further expanded the breadth and depth of its services. CRSF has adopted the direct sending at both collection and delivery ends, which have shortened the fresh product logistics supply chain, reduced fresh product losses and improved product circulation efficiency. CRSF has made positive contributions to narrowing the gap between the urban and rural express logistics services along HSR lines, building quality brands for agricultural products, increasing farmers’ income and promoting the rural revitalization strategy. During the last “Double 11” shopping carnival, CRSF launched the special HSR lines for the featured economy, which helped deliver agricultural products out of the origins, including Suzhou’s hairy crab, Dandong’s strawberry, Yuncheng’s apple, Yantai’s oyster and Gannan’s orange, etc.

  China-Russia/- Europe Express is the cross-border express transport services launched by CRSF based on the international passenger trains and luggage trains. CRSF provides one-stop services, from customs declaration at the place of origin to customs transit, customs clearance at destination, and to document preparation. Two trains go to Russia every week and it takes 5-6 days for each trip without changing the train. On average, it takes one day for customs declaration and two days for destination customs clearance. The entire freight trip can be tracked according to the international passenger train schedules and routes. Currently, the services are mainly for transporting electronic goods like computers and cell phones, common daily necessities, small household appliances, clothing, shoes and hats, goods with higher seasonal and time requirements, office goods, industrial products, and others except for dangerous goods, precious metals and oversized items as well as contrabands and special goods prohibited according to national or railway stipulations.

  The express trains launched between the three major economic zones, namely Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, are currently the highest-class freight trains. Container cages are used for loading and unloading and security checks are arranged before loading and unloading, which have improved the efficiency of loading and unloading.


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