“HSR + Car Sharing” System

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  Since 2017, CHINA RAILWAY has organized a research on “HSR + Car Sharing”. All railway group companies have actively practiced to give full play to their role as the backbone of the integrated traffic and transportation system. With the focus on improving the product supply quality for passengers and promoting seamless connectivity and efficient transfer of multiple modes of transport, special facilities for car sharing have been constructed at HSR stations and related places and quality private operating enterprises have been introduced for the operation. These efforts have met the public’s diversified travel needs and improved the operation efficiency and benefits of railway assets and resources.

  By the end of November, the railway group companies of Hohhot, Wuhan, Xi’an, Shanghai, Nanchang, Guangzhou, Nanning, Chengdu, Kunming, Lanzhou and Urumchi had launched the “HSR + Car Sharing” service in 18 cities under their respective administration. For this service, they had established 46 railway station networks, equipped with 893 parking lots covering 20,400 sqm, and 257 charging piles. 8 operating enterprises had been partnered and had put 3,524 vehicles of various types into operation, forming multiple cooperation modes, from venue leasing, charging service and order sharing, etc.

  According to the “branding, networked and large-scale” service targets, CHINA RAILWAY will make use of railway Internet platforms to build an online trading system and develop uniform operating rules and service standards to promote the realization of railway-wide integrated operation.

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