CR-aided Primary School Gives Teenagers Better Future

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  With the number of students increasing from 70 to 120 and science and physical education classes resumed, Liufu Guofu, principal of Gongju Village Primary School, Zhongdong Town, Maoming City, Guangdong Province, said: "I haven't been so happy for a long time!"

  Gongju Village Primary School was established in 1967, where Liufu Guofu studied when he was a child. Twenty years ago, he returned to the school to teach and witnessed the changes in the school. "The biggest change happened in recent years, especially after the railway poverty alleviation team came to the village." Liufu Guofu said.

  Gongju Village is located in a remote area in western Guangdong. The whole village is mostly covered by mountains and there is few arable land. In 2016, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. sent a poverty alleviation team to the village for targeted poverty alleviation. While helping the poor through industry and employment, it also has a long-term focus on helping the poor through education.

  In addition to launching the "golden autumn student aid" campaign, setting up the "communist youth league teaching assistance points" and granting student subsidies, the railway poverty alleviation team has focused on transforming the Gongju Village Primary School. They not only sent laboratory appliances to students taking science lessons, but also helped schools to equip new desks and chairs, replace new doors and windows, and pave environmentally-friendly rubber running track on the playground. Gongju Village Primary School is now becoming livelier. The sound of students reading the books encourages Liufu Guofu, a 49-year-old man, and his colleagues to work harder and harder.

  On June 10, the railway poverty alleviation team and the teachers of Gongju Village Primary School planted 4 osmanthus trees in the school. "In a few years, the school will be full of osmanthus fragrance. I hope that the children will grow up like osmanthus trees and become pillars of the country in the future." Liufu Guofu said emotionally.

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