22nd International Economic Mostar Fair

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The Mostar Fair founded in 1998 and held every April, boasts the largest scale and stands as the most professional and comprehensive trade exhibition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its exhibits include agricultural machinery and technology, agricultural products and food, machinery and equipment, building materials, hardware tools, energy, electricity, light industry, and food, etc., making it an expo of great influence in Central and Eastern Europe. The 22nd International Economic Mostar Fair 2019 was held from April 9 to 13, with a 30,000m2 exhibition area accommodating more than 700 enterprises from over 40 countries including China, Germany, Turkey and Italy.

In accordance with the cooperation consensus reached by the leaders of China and Central and Eastern Europe, China has become the main guest of honor at this year's International Economic Mostar Fair, and established the China Pavilion with an area of ??2,000m2, the largest in the history of the International Economic Mostar Fair for a partner country. With China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) taking the lead to arrange the exhibition at China Pavilion, there were more than 50 companies from China participating in the exhibition, displaying quality products in the fields of infrastructure construction equipment, high-tech equipment, agriculture and household appliances.

At the invitation of CCPIT, China railway participated in this exhibition for the first time. It was located at the core of the National Image Exhibition Area and the China - Central and Eastern Europe Cooperation Exhibition Area at China Pavilion. In accordance with the exhibition plan approved by CHINA RAILWAY, the exhibition highlighted the development achievements of China railway such as the “Fuxing” bullet train, CHINA RAILWAY Express, and international cooperation projects, etc. The driving simulator of “Fuxing” EMU and 2 models of “Fuxing” EMU were exhibited (1: 10). The video of "China Railway" (English version) was broadcasted on the large screen and the English brochures of "China High Speed Railway on Fast Track" were handed out at the exhibition area, enabling the audience to better understand the rapid development of China railway and the its contributions to the "Belt and Road" Initiative.

By participating in this fair, China railway fully demonstrated its tremendous achievements in rail network construction, technological innovation, CHINA RAILWAY Express, and “Go Global” initiative. It displayed a good image, received wide attention, and further expanded its international influence. Before the closing of the fair, CHINA RAILWAY was granted with the “Best Exhibitor Award” by the organizing committee, and only two companies from China won this award.






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